Day 1 / Estuary: Initial thoughts


  • Place of transition from land to sea, from fresh water to salt water
  • When a river reaches the sea they may form estuary


  • Lifeblood
  • life
  • fertility
  • time
  • sacred, cleanse
  • pattern of life – watermark documentary

After brainstorming these words the imagery of the Colorado River Delta in Mexico from the Watermark documentary came to mind. Especially because after watching the documentary you see how much of a life form it is and how sacred their resource was to the people, ecosystems and environment surrounding it.

Watermark 2013


To understand the concept of territory and intrusion I looked into estuary’s further…


From this diagram, it is obvious that the point at which the fresh water and the salt water collide becomes this area of ‘intrusion’ (as noted in the diagram). I think as a visual this is very interesting, as it already creates this point of tension and displays this through the rising line, darker blue and dotted texture. Already there becomes a clear differentiation between these two ‘forces’.

Traina, A. and Wootton, L. 2009



Watermark 2013, Watermark, VHX, Canada, viewed 8th February 2016, <;.

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Traina, A. and Wootton, L. 2009, ‘Understanding Water and its Role in our Lives and our Environment Water Conservation and Protection in the Barnegat Bay Watershed’, Slideplayer, PowerPoint Presentation, Georgian Court University, New Jersey, viewed 9th February 2016, <;.





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