Day 2 / Motion Capture Test

Watching Jason set up markers on the student volunteer actor, it was interesting to see how precise the placement of the markers on the body had to be in order to work. One key thing to note was that the markers were not symmetrically aligned so that when using the MoCap data in a program like Motion Builder, you can identify the left parts of the body from the right parts of the body.

The marker setup was a process of going back and forth between Motion Builder marker template and the actual actor that the markers were being placed on. To check that all the markers were being detected and accurately place, the actor was asked to move in different ways to test the markers, and see how they react in the software.


Data Arena Journal-1


  • T-Pose, a neutral stance that MoCap always starts and finishes with. Makes it easier to identify/group markers as well as align an actor body to the markers in Motion Builder.
  • Sketch of a body marker. Has a white reflective ball at the centre of it, that allows it to be detected by the sensors.
  • Sketch of hand-held markers/trackers. This has white reflective balls on the end of the thin rods that extend from it’s centre. The pattern or placement of the dots, allow the tracker to be identified by the sensors.

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