Day 2 / Hello Motion Builder

After we came from the Data Arena, I had a clearer understanding of how the motion capture worked which was very useful when learning how to then use the data in Motion Builder. One of the most interesting things was seeing the markers move without an actor. Watching the movement of the markers alone without ever seeing Dean do his choreography, already gave a better sense of the MoCap data we would be using.


These stills show the process of having to group and label various markers to the body parts.


Once all markers were grouped, I applied an actor to the markers. By applying the actor and watching the movements, you could see which markers needed to be more closely aligned to the actor  template, as they produced weird disfigurations and rotations of body parts. 
Using the two screen panels, I was able to watch the movement in two perspectives i.e the producer’s and a top view for example. I can imagine this being a very helpful tool when considering camera angles and way in which to make the footage more dynamic/interesting. 



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