Day 2 / Ideas

Estuary and the themes of territory & intruder.

To show this idea of territory and intruder, one idea would be to use multiple modalities of the MoCap data and layer them to juxtapose their movements. For example you could use the fluid cephalopod movements against the rigid movements of the arthropod, and visualise them through opposing lines, forms, colours and textures.

line work

I made these quick sketches in illustrator and although these may not represent the movements of the cephalopod and the arthropod entirely, the difference in line work and form already give a clear juxtaposition. I think this would be a good place to start in terms of visualising the relationship between territory and intruder.

While on the train, I brained stormed a few words and their opposite, and in doing so, the idea of the tension between those two opposing forces came about.

Data Arena Journal-2

Visually trying to represent tension can be hard, but it brought to mind the black-square exercise that I did in first year vis comm, where we could only use black squares to express words like tension, order, playful and bold.

I revisited this exercise, and created this simple visual in illustrator. To me the square at the top disrupts the order and feels as though it is about to fall off. The sense of imbalance gives this 2D image that sense of tension. Now it will be important to bring this sense of tension to our 3D composition.




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