Day 3 / Thoughts


Alexander McQueen Kate Moss Hologram: Fluid movement and texture

When I was in London last year, I was lucky enough to be able to view the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition. To me he is a great point of reference for concept building as I have learnt through my previous research studying his work in previous assignments, watching the ‘McQueen and I’ documentary, that each collection has a great theoretical underpinning to it, however the work produced never comes off as a literal representation of the research/concept behind it.

So when thinking about the brief today, specifically with the Siphonophore modality in mind, the hologram of Kate Moss in his Autumn/Winter 2006 Ready-to-wear show came to mind. I remember seeing it at the end of his exhibition, it was mysterious, it fluid and it was hypnotic to watch. This could be a good point of reference for us going forward and considering how we would like to audience to feel. It is interesting that although the hologram was done on a slightly small scale in comparison to the Data Arena, it was completely mesmerising to watch – one focal point, one continuous movement.

McQueen: Texture

00330fullscreen feed676439717a4db9a1849b0419f270


McQueen Form, movement, texture

The overall form in which the model creates with her body and the garment, as well as the smooth texture of the fabric and subtle line details shown through by the fabric pleats – it makes for a highly emotive and energetic image. Although it is a still, it’s as though you can see the movement happening before your eyes.

texture form movement mcqueenshoes




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