Day 3 / Technical Issues

Although I wasn’t able to physically use the software as it kept crashing, I was able to watch on as Holger went through his motions of importing FBX (ascii) files from Motion Builder into SoftImage. This was actually a more beneficial process for me as I could actually watch on more closely without being left behind/becoming lost.

2016-02-10 14.59.52
Being introduced to the ICE tree function in SoftImage

What I found interesting is the way in which the two programs can enhance one another. Although the interface of SoftImage is not the easiest to understand, it has many capabilities that allow you to isolate certain markers from the Motion Data and apply dynamic effects. (After doing a tutorial at home, I was able to understand the different colour nodes, in a basic way, how to connect them and how they all relate to each other).

For Motion Builder, what I learnt today was about how simply playing, applying and manipulate the lighting and camera positions in relation to the object/marker selected, you can create very dynamic compositions and visual effects. I would really like to focus on doing simple things like this, extremely well, as I feel they instantly elevate the composition and give the audience a more immersive experience. Below are a few short clips of the movement and particles I added to a simple cube. The change in perspective was something I also felt changed the overall feeling of the animation – although it was the same object, doing the same thing each time.

After taking the Creative Code and Visualising Experience subjects last year, my appreciation for interaction design grew and I became a very big fan of the work produced by Universal Everything. Their work brings a sense of curiosity to the viewer, and is able to then capture their attention through these 3D animations that move in such an organic and vibrant way. One example of this is their Hyundai wall installation.



Pyke, M. Perry, C. and Griffith, D. 2012, Hyundai Vision Hall, Universal Everything, South Korea, viewed 12th February 2016, <;.


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