Day 7 / Field research

For me, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the concept development and software. So to re-focus I felt I needed time to get away from the software and computer and try and do a bit of field work. I headed to the balmoral beach to get in touch with the way in which water flows in and out on the shore, the way it felt as you dive down and swim through. I took my GoPro and filmed some of my movement through the water.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.40.10 pm

These are a few stills from the footage that capture the texture of the sand below the surface, layered onto that are these beautiful semi-iridescent lines that compliment the texture below it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.40.38 pm

Interestingly from these pictures the density of the lines and change in colour from greys to greens really upset the tone of the visuals.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.35.48 pm

On a computer generated level, I felt these visuals created by Zadvorsky using Creative Code was relevant – it kind of combined the movement of the water that I felt when swimming through the water, with the aesthetic that I feel would work with our sequence and could be achieved in MotionBuilder. It is mesmerising to watch and interact with the visuals by using your mouse to scroll in and out to zoom in/out and clicking down to rotate the perspective. As you take control of the interaction, the particles stream down and seemingly float at a constant pace it entrances you.

I think this visual style is something that we could aspire to create. Taking simple shapes to create fluid forms and working with colour and size to communicate a sense of change.


Zadvorsky 2016, Particle Stream,, viewed 14th February 2016, <;.


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