Day 10 / Challenges

Today Chris gave us some much-needed advice on working in production teams. He suggested creating individual folders for each team member, and then having a folder for each day of the week so could have an organized space to place our work, and share files. Darryl was able to create this in Dropbox and has already helped in terms of file sharing.

I think the most challenging part of the process so far, has been trying to distill our group position on Estuaries and how we would explore the themes of Territory and Intrusion while also incorporating the Arthropod MoCap data. At this stage we need more research to understand and define these ‘forces’ we referred to in our draft concept proposal on Monday. There are so many ideas being thrown around, and while also trying to consider the software side of things (watching, listening and doing Holger’s software tutorials), it has been hard to come together as a group, be in one moment and discuss this further. I do keep in mind Chris’ suggestion to not be so fixed on one idea and let the ideas develop organically, however I feel at this stage we should be closer to defining what our position is.

Although, we have made progress in defining how we what our narrative to progress over the 30 seconds. Darryl mentioned that he had trouble creating an assets without knowing where he was going with it. So Joanna and I wrote out this word-timeline with some suggested camera angles, pacing and camera movements to help Darryl achieve this in the software.

Loose timeline (right of page)

One of my main interests in this whole experience, is considering the audience. Because the space is so unique: no seats, 360 degree screen, quite a small space – I am always trying to relate the movements and colours of the graphics on the screen to the way in which it will transform the space and impact the audience. **Will definitely need to do further research on this.


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