Day 9 / Crusty Pop idea


Crusty pop: This fast paced, abrupt ‘popping’ movement that Dean does in this Arthropod modality could act as a cue for the estuary to defend itself from forces. I imagine these forces would move along the screen from a front angle, moving left to right on the screen – placing the audience in a somewhat passive perspective, watching on. The forces would then build – by growing and populating the screen space until it reaches this climax and there is a perspective change (zoomed in and quite close to the visuals created by the MoCap data). The audience is now in the action/environment, surrounded by the forces, the become the estuary, for this fast paced sequence we intend to immerse the viewer so that they are no longer passively looking at the screen, but are part of the experience.

Would be interesting to take away the vision of the viewer through light or flashes of all white light.

  • Fill and flash the screen to all white as the MoCap data extends it’s movements and pops. The timing and pacing of this sequence would be crucial to achieving this chaotic, immersive experience for the viewer.



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