Day 9 / SoftImage Render test

Since Matt and Darryl have been the main ones learning and experimenting in MotionBuilder and SoftImage, today we decided that we all should use the same file and individually experiment with the ICE tree and particle function on SoftImage to see how we could develop our visual style.

Watching on as Holger went through the motion of how to manipulate particles in the ICE Tree, I was able to apply this to the extended arm planes Darryl created using Maya and attached to the arm/hand markers in MotionBuilder.
2016-02-16 16.11.052016-02-16 16.11.15

First I added in particles and then keyed in some colour changes so that the particles would develop in colour over time. Although it was a simple manipulation, I think on a more refined particle system this could be quite effective in showing the change in states or emphasising how the ‘forces’ grow throughout the narrative/sequence.

I also had a go at rendering the animation, however the particles didn’t show up – not 100% sure why that happened. Instead, I rendered out stills – which unfortunately rendered with a white background and not the black that I thought it would.

2016-02-16 16.25.422016-02-16 16.26.092016-02-16 16.26.222016-02-16 16.26.442016-02-16 16.26.582016-02-16 16.27.05

From these stills, you can see how I keyed the colour to develop over time. This was an interesting experiment, and it could be possible to play with this idea in our sequence. Colour could be used in a way to express the change in state, or even highlight the movement of the particles i.e pulsing colour, or rapid changing colour.






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