Day 11 / Asset testing

Heading into the Data Arena we had a range of animated and static assets to test. Darryl had rendered out some sequences at various camera angles – which for me seeing them on the big screen, allowed me to gain a sense of how our narrative would actually be visualised and felt. It’s amazing to see the work produced on your computer, blown up and stretch all the way around – it really gave a 3D effect to our graphics. Surprisingly, the static assets that I worked on gave a sense of motion through the contrasting lines and textures. While developing these, I knew I wanted to incorporate these hand-generated textures, but wasn’t sure how well they would translate in the digital space. Holger and the rest of the group seemed to like them as well – however, our biggest question know is – how do we combine these aesthetics? and how do we make use of the static asset in a 3D animated sequence? I’m not so convinced that within the timeframe, I would be able to produce a smooth animation of these static textures.


It is also interesting to note that the bright red that I used in the graphics, did not appear so bright in the arena. However, Darren explain that the projectors were not at 100% like they would be on the day – so that it something to keep in mind while designing the rest of our assets. The image directly above was from Jason turning the saturation right up – which was closer to the red in the actual asset.

Feedback from Holger
Holger suggested camera movements and a way to edit the static assets in AfterEffects

Where to go from here?

  • Consider the 3 aesthetics
    How can they be combined?
    What can each aesthetic represent? Can they represent opposing forces?
  • Use AfterEffects to add motion and blend the aesthetics together
    Consider layering each static asset at various distances to add depth to the composition. Additionally, experiment with camera to add in 3D effect.



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