Day 12 / Researching Visual Style


Preparing our final presentation slides, I decided it was important that I develop our visual style further than I did at our interim. Now that I have a clearer idea of our group as a whole, and what our visual style is for our final sequence, I feel that this tone similar to that of The Sydney Dance Company, is what we are aiming for. I like the minimalistic typographic treatment over a simple background image.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 11.50.21 am

Visual Style

Sequence: Collider x Jordan Askill ‘Flight of the Monarchs’ 

Watching this film it does well at drawing focus at the beginning with the close-up of the butterfly and then drawing your attention through the space and through the cluster of butterflies, to then reveal an single object that all the butterflies create in the last frame. For me this is very helpful dissecting a film like this, as it helps me question: how does our sequence achieve a sense of resolution at the end? And how does our sequence build up to that moment?


Sydney Dance Company 2016, Sydney Dance Company, viewed 18th February 2016, <;.

Collider 2016, Flight of the Monarchs, viewed 18th February 2016, <;.



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