Day 13 / Compiling the final sequence

Saturday afternoon, I had come into uni to compile the final sequence made up of the MotionBuilder files that Darryl and Matt had prepared. Unfortunately, they ran into some trouble with the renders, so we were a few hours behind schedule. So once they were rendered I was able to import them into AfterEffects and work on smoothing out the transition from one sequence to the other.

To make sure I was on the same page as Matt and keeping to the concept/narrative developed by Joanna, I drew out this diagram that broke down the sequence.


So in total they rendered 4 sequences that used different camera angles, and were rendered at various frames per second.

  1. Spin (rendered at 25fps)
  2. Dive into centre (rendered at 120fps)
  3. Chaos movement (rendered at 48fps)
  4. Zoom out, final sequence rotated on turntable (rendered at 25 fps)
    Final still – less bright, damaged, less yellow.

Having the sequences rendered at different fps, made transitioning from one sequence to the next challenging – most notably from the first sequence to the second. Although, in my first draft I was able to combine them very subtly, however, Matt directed me to change it and once it was fiddled with, it became very hard to revert back to when I had a smoother transition.

One of the issues in this workflow, was definitely having someone constantly over my shoulder telling me what to do, rather than letting me do it and then coming in for feedback. It was somewhat restricting, but considering the time restraints I just did what I was directed to do, but when I did voice an opinion as to how I thought the sequence should end i.e with a longer pause on the final still, and at least 1 or 2 full rotations of the final form to really let the changed state sink in for the audience – however, it wasn’t really taken on board.

Tech Challenges:

  1. Lining up first sequence rendered at 25fps, with the second sequence at 120fps – trying to make the shift subtle
  2. Importing MotionBuilder TIFF files into AfterEffects – some frames were missing, to resolve this I just duplicated the frame before or after the missing frame and re-named the file as the missing frame.
  3. Leaving the labs at 1:30AM and rendering overnight – praying that it would work! Couldn’t sleep!

It was really helpful having Darryl there, to help resolve some of the tech issues. Additionally, I felt we worked well together to communicate what each person needed from the other in order to move forward with the work.

Things to do tomorrow:

  1. Check render if it worked & place rendered AE file into Media encoder as a backup file
  2. Fix/re-render last sequence (if we have time)
    Possibly extend that sequence, make sure we hit 30seconds and pacing perfectly
  3. Fix key frames/blending between sequences
  4. Render final composition as an animation OR as image sequence
  5. Place rendered AE file into Media encoder (change to level 4.1) OR use Holger’s script if an image sequence.
  6. Re-name file and place in folder for tomorrow!



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